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functionally designed

Bidim Outdoor —

Modern garden design

For more than 50 years, BIDIM® Outdoor Solutions has boasted a wide range of high-quality geotextiles for creative garden design. Safety and functionality are of utmost importance. The BIDIM® range of products is used for dewatering and gravel stabilization.

Wide range of applications

BIDIM® Outdoor Solutions is the ideal choice for terraces, to prevent wobbly terrace stones. BIDIM® guarantees a stable structure on paths and access roads which withstands high loads. Other areas of application are also possible.

Filtration, separation, drainage

BIDIM® Outdoor Solutions for function and design

  • BIDIM® Flash 10

    Landscape design, terraces and garden paths featuring drainage and stabilization

  • BIDIM® Green 8

    Stabilizes soil, sand or gravel and prevents mixing with a high filter capacity

  • BIDIM® One 4

    For garden design and terraces


  • BIDIM® Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4 are mechanically bonded continuous nonwovens of polypropylene. They are characterized by an excellent robustness, their direct load capacity after laying, a high water-permeability and superior UV stability.

Designed to function

Optimal use

  • Three different variants can be used with optimum results depending on the application. BIDIM® Outdoor Solutions is individually functional with the types Flash 10, Green 8 and One 4.

Functional and safe

  • Thanks to its separation, filtration, drainage, and protection properties, BIDIM® Outdoor Solutions is a flexible and safe solution for landscapingprojects, depending on the specific application.