TenCate Bidim® —

for easy gardening

TenCate Bidim® —

Engineered solution

TenCate Bidim® Bamboo Stop Pro is an engineered solution to combat the invasion of bamboo and all kinds of plant and tree roots: it protects buildings and structures without the use of chemicals and eliminates the need to do work by hand. It is both easy to handle and easy to install.

Preventive root control

When it comes to root control, TenCate Bidim® Bamboo Stop Pro acts as a preventive solution: The root barriers inhibit the proliferation of invasive plants and are suitable as natural remedies to protect the landscape as a whole, for example to protect paths, plant beds, green areas and paved surfaces. With the effectiveness of TenCate Bidim® Bamboo Stop Pro, the implementation of individual house and gardening projects becomes a reality.

Root control

TenCate Bidim® for easy root control

  • TenCate Bidim® Bamboo Stop Pro

    A high-strength geotextile acts as a barrier to roots to prevent invasive plants from spreading