TenCate Bidim® —

for a natural garden

TenCate Bidim® —

Outdoor living space

Nowadays gardens are living spaces. Nature and relaxation are the key to our well-being. And today garden design is increasingly becoming a form of art and self-expression. Each garden is unique and individually shaped, and it mirrors the personality of the designer. However, a garden must be functional as well as natural. The product range under the TenCate Bidim® brand name offers a wealth of solutions.

Weed control without chemicals

TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop makes weed control easy without the use of chemicals. Weed fleeces are easy to use. They create a barrier against unwanted weeds and the spread of roots in gardens designed in a natural way. The fleece is water permeable and so, it allows plants to grow. Say goodbye to annoying, labor-intensive weeding. Your garden can become an oasis of relaxation.

Weed stop

TenCate Bidim® for an insect-friendly garden

  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop

    the weed control fleece controls the growth of weeds and is water and air permeable

  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop Pro

    the strongest fleece available for weed control