TenCate Bidim® —

for a natural garden

TenCate Bidim® —

Outdoor living space

Nowadays gardens are living spaces. Nature and relaxation are the key to our well-being. And today garden design is increasingly becoming a form of art and self-expression. Each garden is unique and individually shaped, and it mirrors the personality of the designer. However, a garden must be functional as well as natural. The product range under the TenCate Bidim® brand name offers a wealth of solutions.

Weed control without chemicals

TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop makes weed control easy without the use of chemicals. Weed fleeces are easy to use. They create a barrier against unwanted weeds and the spread of roots in gardens designed in a natural way. The fleece is water permeable and so, it allows plants to grow. Say goodbye to annoying, labor-intensive weeding. Your garden can become an oasis of relaxation.

Weed stop

TenCate Bidim® for an insect-friendly garden

  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop

    the weed control fleece controls the growth of weeds and is water and air permeable

  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop Pro

    the strongest fleece available for weed control


  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop is thick and ultra-resistant. It is a puncture-resistant non-woven and does not fray due to the unique filament process of TenCate Geosynthetics. The material is permeable to air and water so that plants can grow but at the same time light will not come through which prevents weed growth.

Stop invasive plant growth!

Flexible in use

  • TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop can be used under all types of soil and even on slopes. All kinds of ground are possible, e.g. soil, mulch, sand, gravel, stones, paving, grass, terraces and swimming pools.

Unlimited applications

  • Professional weed prevention for unlimited applications in parks and gardens, roads and pavements, roundabouts, sports or leisure grounds, cemeteries, railways, the banks of small streams, forest roads, embankments, and lots more can reached with the strongest weedcontrol fleece: TenCate Bidim® Weed Stop Pro.