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the path is the goal

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The best for gravel stabilization

BIDIM® Accorder is a special product for simple and effective soil stabilization and for the formation of a drainage layer for paths and access roads. Thanks to the three-dimensional structure without seams, the cells can be filled with sand, gravel and various aggregates which makes them immediately ready for traffic.

The highest versatility

BIDIM® Accorder can be used for a wide range of applications. It is a simple, flexible, and long-lasting solution for many different paths. The product is easy to install and can be used for private or public projects, such as for terraces, car parks and lots more.

Gravel stabilization

Easy, flexible installation – immediately ready for traffic

  • BIDIM® Accorder

    Stabilisation for gravel and pebble paths


  • BIDIM® Accorder is a three-dimensional woven fabric that effectively reduces rutting on road surfaces. Any type of material can be used to fill the cells, such as sand or gravel.

The solution for soil stabilization

Three-dimensional structure

  • The unique structure of BIDIM® Accorder means there is no more run-off water. Puddles or ruts on paths can be avoided. The product can be used in many ways: for paths, car parks, garage entrances,parks, gardens, golf courses and driveways with low traffic.

Quick solution

  • BIDIM® Accorder is the ideal solution for soil stabilization with a drainage effect.Easy to transport and light and flexible to lay.Uneven surfaces, curves, and slopes of up to 15% are no problem for BIDIM® Accorder. Another plus for the product is that paths can be trafficked immediately after installation.