PropertiesBIDIM® Weed Stop SBIDIM® Weed Stop ProBIDIM® Bio Weed Stop Pro
Material100% virgin polypropylen100% virgin polypropylen100% natural hemp and linen fiber with PLA reinforcement
Weight125 g/m²260 gr/m²450 gr/m2
Vertical water permeability115 l/m²s65 l/m²s
Tensile strength8 KN/m15 KN/m
Puncture resistance1300 N2400 N
Maximum extension90 %90 %
Filter opening0,11 um80 um
DurabilityUp to 15 years coveredUp to 25 years covered*Up to 24 months*
Size & Packaging: Roll size1x25 m / 2x25 m / 1x50 m / 2x50 m2x20 m und 1x50 m1.20 x 25 m/1.76 x 25 m
UV stabilizationYesYesYes
Environnement100% bio-based (standard EN 16785-1)
100% biodegradable
Bio-compostable according to standard EN13432 Compatible with organic farming
PH neutral
SafteyNo harm for human health and environment

No harm for human health and environment

*3 to 5 years if not covered in normal sunny conditions

Not harmful to human health and the environment

* ground, climate

PropertiesBIDIM® Bamboo Stop Pro
MaterialGeotextile coated on both sides
Weight450 g/m²
Thickness> 2 mm
Tensile strength19 KN/m
Puncture resistance3300 N
Durability> 50 years
Size & PackagingRoll size: 0,73x10 m / 1x50 m / 2x50 m
Jointing: self-adhesive joint tape
UV stabilizationYes
SafetyNo harm for human health and environment
Root passage resistantCEN/TS 14416
PropertiesBIDIM® Flash 10
for heavy vehicles
BIDIM® Green 8
for light vecicle
BIDIM® One 4
for terraces or garden paths
Material100 % polypropylen100 % polypropylen100 % polypropylen
Weight125 g/m²100 g/m²70 g/m²
Thickness0,95 mm0,75 mm0,60 mm
Tensile strength10 KN/m8 KN/m5 KN/m
Puncture resistance1400 N1140 N700 N
Durability100 years
100 years100 years
Size1x25 m / 2x25 m /
1x50 m / 2x50 m
1x25 m / 2x25 m /
0,5x95 m / 2x50 m
1x25 m / 2x25 m /
1x50 m / 2x50 m
UV stabilizationYesYesYes
SafetyNo harm for human health and environment
PropertiesBIDIM® Accorder
Weight of panel+/- 50 kg
Cell size13x7 cm
Cell depth5,50 cm
Permissibility in water6 lm²/s
Puncture resistance2,7 KN
Durability> 50 years
Format & packing 1 panelFolded: 5x1 mUnfolded: 4,4x20 m*
Format & packing ½ panelFolded in a box: 65x28x130 cmUnfolded: 2,2x20 m**
SafetyNo harm for human health and environment

* for a surface area of 90 – 100 m² in function of stretching during break
** Panel width approx. 2.20 m for a surface area of 40 to 50 m² depending on the stretching during installation

PropertiesBIDIM® Eden Green
Pile Material100% PE
Total Weight1.985 gr/m²
Pile Height30 mm
Total Height32 m
Puncture resistance2,7 KN
Warranty8 years
UV & clorine resistantYes
Made inEurope
Rolls Dimensions1 x 5 m / 2 x 25 m / 4 x 25 m
AccessoriesAdhesive joining strip:
0,12 m x 10 m - 4 pieces per bag
Fixing pegs200 pieces per bag